Table 2.

Associations of Lipid Levels With Methylation at CpGs Previously Reported to be Associated with Lipids

TraitReferencesCpGGeneβ (replicating)Meta-Analysis Across All 5 Cohorts in Our Study
DirectionP Value*
LDL-CPfeiffer et al39cg22178392TNIP10.040 (yes)+1.33E-04
HDL-CPfeiffer et al39cg06500161ABCG1−0.049 (yes)*2.09E-38*
TGPfeiffer et al39cg06500161ABCG10.070 (yes)+*4.20E-59*
TGIrvin et al38; Pfeiffer et al39cg00574958CPT1A−0.118 (yes), −0.032*7.22E-09*
TGIrvin et al38cg17058475CPT1A−0.035*2.72E-36*
TGIrvin et al38cg09737197CPT1A−0.027*1.05E-17*
TGIrvin et al38cg01082498CPT1A−0.011*2.07E-13*
TGPfeiffer et al39cg27243685ABCG10.064 (yes)+*2.00E-24*
TGPfeiffer et al39cg19693031TXNIP−0.030 (yes)*5.54E-19*
TGPfeiffer et al39cg11024682SREBF10.059 (yes)+*3.74E-27*
TGPfeiffer et al39cg075049770.026 (yes)+*9.91E-19*
TGPfeiffer et al39cg20544516MIR33B/SREBF10.043 (yes)+*3.57E-08*
TGPfeiffer et al39cg07397296ABCG10.027 (yes)+*1.08E-10*
TGPfeiffer et al39cg078152380.048 (no)+0.037
TGPfeiffer et al39cg12556569APOA50.005 (no)N/AN/A
  • CpG indicates cytosine–guanine dinucleotide; HDL-C, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; LDL-C, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; TC, total cholesterol; and TG, triglyceride.

  • * CpGs associate with the same lipid trait in combined meta-analysis (P<1.08E-7) in our study.

  • CpG excluded in our analysis because of common genetic variant 1 base away from CpG site.