Table 4.

Clinical Actions Resulting From WGS Findings Unrelated to Cardiomyopathy

WGS Finding Prompting the Clinical ActionClinical Testing OrderedFindings From Clinical Testing
GWAS predicted increased risk for atrial fibrillationAmbulatory electrocardiographic monitoring, n=1Test not completed. Existing medical information used instead
GWAS predicted increased risk for aortic aneurysmAbdominal ultrasound, n=2No aortic dilatation identified (n=1); imaging not completed (n=1)
CHEK2 variantCancer genetics referral, n=1Declined by patient
2 carrier variantsPreconception genetic counseling recommended, n=1Not yet completed
  • CHEK2 indicates checkpoint kinase 2; GWAS, genome-wide association studies; and WGS, whole genome sequencing.